Landscape Design

Our design staff is willing and able to design a landscape to fit your needs and wishes. A successful landscape will be aesthetically compatible with the style of house for which it was designed. Our designers will discuss ideas on how to make your landscape reflect your tastes and personality, how to make it accommodate the activities you and your family want to pursue in the garden, and how to make it complement the architecture of your home.

Landscape Construction
We offer a wide range of landscape construction. Our company specializes in Hardscapes. We build dry stacked or mortared stone walls or interlocking walls for a more formal look. Our walkways and patios can be built out of either Flagstone, Brick or Concrete pavers.
If you are looking for a bench, trellis, bridge or arbor, our custom woodworking will take care of your needs.

It is important to have a correctly designed, installed and maintained irrigation system, especially during the summer season. Using a proper irrigation system will actually save you water and still keep your landscape and lawn looking fabulous. We can setup and service the most sophisticated and high-tech landscape irrigation systems.

Garden Ponds
Water has featured prominently in garden designs for thousands of years; hardly surprising-it can captivate the senses, creating visually stimulating light, movement, soothing splashing, and bubbling sounds. In its many forms, water can be used as the focus of a new garden or to add an exciting fresh dimension to an existing one.

Our designers will include perennials or perennial gardens with their design. Perennials are making gardens prettier and providing scope for creativity. Color in the garden from spring until fall.

Landscape Maintenance
Every planting will require some attention from time to time. Our planting maintenance services include: A) Hand pruning (a natural trimming technique to shape and control to add more character to the plants and landscape) B) Edging and mulching ( a nice, crisp edge, keep down those weeds. Keep moisture in your planting beds and nutrients available to the plants). A mulching program cuts down on the need for watering, weeding, and fertilizing!

Landscape Restoration
Sometimes it takes a combination of our services to make your landscape the best it can be. Remove some shrubs, save some that are there but prune them, add a few new shrubs and install a flagstone walk from the driveway to the garage. Voila! Your place has a whole new look.

For a free consultation and free estimate, call us at (865) 687-8050

Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design
from the University of Tennessee

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