Lawn Care

Beautiful lawns and landscapes begin at Petey's Landscaping & Lawn Care.

Our lawn program offers timely applications of organic base fertilizers in the Spring and Fall, crabgrass and broadleaf weed control applications and monitoring of insect activity throughout the season.

Soil Testing: The first step in our program is soil testing, to determine the nutrient requirements such as phosphorous, potash and limestone. We take random soil plugs from your lawn and send them to the University of Tennessee for analysis.

Limestone supplies calcium and magnesium nutrients needed by the plant and corrects soil acidity. It also makes phosphorous more available, speeds up rotting of dead plant material in the soil (thatch) and reduces leaching of potassium by rain water. Liming on a yearly basis is an excellent addition to an organic base fertilizer program.

Why Aerate?

Compacted soil and heavy thatch are the two biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. They tend to suffocate grass plants by preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the root zone. This means your lawn looks less than satisfactory in spite of adequate fertilization, water and tender loving care! Aeration opens up the thatch and helps relieve compaction. It should be a regular part of your annual lawn maintenance program. Aeration is accomplished by the use of a machine equipped with cylinder-like spoons designed to penetrate and shatter the soil. Half-inch diameter plugs of thatch and soil are actually pulled from the ground during this process. The plunging action of the spoons into the ground opens up the soil - allowing the grass plants to breathe and promoting deeper, healthier roots.

Major benefits of aeration ...
• Increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone
• Intensifies decomposition of thatch
• Helps relieve soil compaction
• Stimulates new growth
• Improves drainage
• Provides a better environment for overseeding
• Increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers and control products
• Incorporates organic matter into the soil
• Increases tolerance to heat and cold

All this adds up to a healthier lawn!

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Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design
from the University of Tennessee

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